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**Tuscan Mist! Organic English Lavender Face & Body Spritzer


Organic English Lavender Face & Body Spritzer
Steam Distilled right here at Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens. Pure and Organic L. x angustifolia English Tuscan Lavender Hydrosol. Very sweet aroma! Our custom distilled floral water can be used as a sleep aid for infants, toddlers, seniors, or in fact anyone having difficulty sleeping. Spray a light misting around the bedding and face, and enjoy a peaceful nights rest. Spritz for the serenity of your Body & Mind! Made from our Pure, Organic Steam Distilled Floral Water and blended with and amazing combination of aromatic essential oils. You will be deeply intrigued by this amazing aroma. Spray on your face and skin for a refreshing and uplifting lavender experience!

**Wholesale Minimum Order : 6 bottles




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